The Confusing Works of God

God can sometimes be confusing, you may not understand why he does the things he does, you may not understand why it may take so long for something you have been praying about to happen. This is the works of God, a person you love can be sick or diagnosed with a disease and you may pray and they may be healed or they may even be the best person you have ever met and they may perish. Many people often turn away from God when things like this happen, they blame god and they despise God because of the series of events that may have been going on in their lives. Relationships for instance, you could be going through something with your spouse and pray for things to get better but if you both are meant to be in God’s eyes then everything will workout, it may not be on your timing which is one of the hardest things to understand is the timing of God, I’ve learned this from experience. The great thing about God is, no matter how many times you mess up no matter what you do, God will always love you, but repenting from those sins that you may have and confessing is the thing that God wants you to do, another way is baptism, this is one of the best decisions a human could ever make, by doing so you are being saved my God and being cleansed and free from the weight you may have been carrying for years. Relationships are key whether that be with one of your fellow christian friends or that may be with your christian wife, building a relationship with God is very important and so is marrying your christian spouse, having children and showing them the way of God, let God guide your relationship with your spouse so that you can have the best marriage as possible, let God guide you through the hard times that ends up with a better outcome even though you may not see it, treat your spouse with respect, loyalty, and love, be the man you need to be for God and your family, go out of your way to do the works of God, go out of your way to treat your wife to certain things so that she can see how much you love and care for her, the key is, doing God’s work without expecting anything and your reward will be great. God may be confusing sometimes, but always trust in him and do his works, be a faithful servant of God.

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