Top 10  Things No One Told You To Bring To College

by Catherine Tudor

As you venture off to college, here are a few items you might need that no one ever mentions:

  1. Batteries– Mom and dad won’t be around to supply you with them when your flashlight or tv remote runs out, so stock up on those AA and AAA now.
  2. Can Opener– Picture this: It’s 20 degrees and snowing. You just trekked up the hill back from your class. You’re chilled to the bone and as you enter your dorm room, you know that in two minutes you will be enjoying that can of chicken noodle soup…but all you need is the one thing you forgot to bring.
  3. Staples– Most people bring staplers to college and one would think that it would come with staples—it doesn’t.
  4. Social Security Card, Copy of Birth Certificate, Bank information, etc– When, and if , you get a job on campus, you will be required to show that you exist in many different ways.
  5. Tools– Bring a hammer, some nails, and maybe even a swiss army knife. You never know when you might need to fix something.
  6. First Aid Kit– You don’t want to have to run to the campus clinic every time you get sick or scrape up your leg. So invest in some pain killers, neosporin, and lots of band-aids.
  7. Hangers– This seems obvious, but you don’t know how many hangers you actually need until you’ve unloaded your whole wardrobe.
  8. Accordion File– Most professors within this day and age are using less paper, but this will still come in handy when you want to keep those tests to study with at the end of the semester or that cute letter that your mom sent you.
  9. Garbage Can– This might be surprising, but most colleges don’t provide a garbage can with the room, so get a heavy duty trash can.
  10. Step StoolIf you’re short, this will be a life saver when your trying to reach something on the top shelf.

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