The Rise of Live Action Superhero TV Shows

by Jake Stone

Nowadays, there are others things besides reality tv shows coming into the light. Something better. Ha, WAY better. These new shows actually have a story and ACTION. These stories grab your attention by creating suspenseful plots and tantalizing events. These new shows are none other than live action tv shows. These shows are bringing our comic book heroes off the paper and into reality or to the screen.

There have been some in the past such as the old Adam West Batman, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, and Jackson Bostwick and Micheal Gray’s The Shazam!/Isis Hour tv show. But all the ones in the past have been held back and limited by technology of their time. Nevertheless, the special effects were kinda good. Especially the lightning bolt that transformed Billy Batson (Micheal Gray) into Shazam (Jackson Bostwick). Yes, through the magic of production and the screen, we have brought our heroes to life.

The most recent superhero shows are Arrow, the show about Green Arrow, The Flash, speaks for itself, Gotham, a show about a Gotham before the Batman, and Netflix’s Daredevil, well that just speaks for itself. Arrow and Flash are on the CW and Gotham’s on Fox. And the CW is still going to release more tv shows in the next couple of years. Supergirl on CBS is one I know of but I don’t know about any others so far.

This new wave of action, interest and suspense is way better than those in the past. Now we have awesome special effects—enough to make the Flash look sorta cool at least and make Firestorm look stupendous without his natural, comic book suit. It’s still cool! At least he’s got his symbol…. kinda.

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