End of the 9 Weeks: Fun or Stressful?

IMG_9179With homecoming week approaching and the 9 weeks coming to an end it’s a week full of memories and getting your grades where they need to be. Homecoming week is one of the most memorable weeks of the year. It’s a great time to bond with your grade because we are all going for a common goal, to win homecoming week. Full of fun games and great dress-up days this year should be just as memorable as last.

For the freshman it’s a time to prove themselves to the other grades during the week. The sophomores and juniors prove that they aren’t just the middle grades. The seniors have to show that they are the seniors for a reason. The games are friendly competition that make the week just as fun. The day before the big homecoming football game there’s a bonfire that’s always a fun time. The senior football players start the night off by traditionally lighting the fire. The bonfire is filled with laughter, fun, food, and more games. The anticipated tug a war always happens during this time. Even though this is an amazing week that everyone is excited for, it can also be stressful.

With fall break being the week after homecoming week that means that it’s also the end of the 9 weeks. As exciting as it is to have homecoming, the students also have to think about their grades and how they can get it to where they need to be. For some, their grades are exactly where they need to be and they can just sit back and enjoy homecoming week. For others it’s the most stressful week there is with turning in assignments, making up test, doing corrections, etc. It’s hard to enjoy all the fun activities of homecoming week when you are stuck in that position. When Friday rolls around it is like a weight is lifted because it’s football night, the day before fall break starts, we get to know who wins homecoming week, and grades are all in. It is a great way to end the first 9 weeks.  

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