NCS Playoff Game: Huntingdon


If you missed this game then you missed out because it was defiantly worth the admission. For the most part, the game was tied until late in the 4th quarter when Huntingdon had the lead. In the end, with 20 or so seconds left on the clock, the Eagles got a touchdown and won the game.

It was definitely a difficult game—especially with the referees seemingly making constant calls against the Eagles which caused some, if not a lot, of angry yelling.

Even if you did see the game in person,  you should watch the broadcast where you can hear Coach Wood’s and Coach Quinn’s commentary on the game—it is intense and worth a listen. The coaches’ commentary got really loud and intense at certain points and I don’t think their mics could handle it.

Due to the game being so close, everyone was pretty tense at least on the Eagles’ side. The crowds on both ends I believe were really into the game. Each time one side scored they would cheer to where everyone could hear that. But I guess that’s the idea.

The students at NCS were very exited to talk about it, or at least everyone who went and the players. There were some questionable things that happened after the game but it was a playoff so I guess expect the worst whether you win or lose.


I will also say as someone who stayed when almost everyone left, it gets really empty real quick. But I guess when there’s nothing to do and it’s really late people just want to got to bed—which is understandable especially for the teams. We did have some issues with our players: two went down but only one of them looked like he was limping. Can’t say I know what happened though. Anyway, it was a great game. If you missed it: go watch that broadcast.

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