Student Life

Can’t Eclipse School Spirit

NCS freshmen Jillian Raymond, Sarah Hendricks, and Sophie Thompson look to the sky during the eclipse on Monday Aug. 21, 2017 at Nashville Christian School.

The students, families, and faculty of Nashville Christian School gathered together on August 21, 2017, to view the total solar eclipse. The entire crowd gazed towards the sky as the moon finally covered the sun. The glasses came off as people awed over the site in front of them. While the hours leading up to totality seemed to drag on forever, the fleeting seconds of the total eclipse left the crowd desperate for more time to gaze at the natural marvel.

Hampton Taron, junior, said “My favorite part of the eclipse is when it got really dark. Also, I loved that I got to be with some of my closest friends during this once in a lifetime event.”

The students of NCS went to classes as usual until 12:00 when they moved onto the football field for lunch where they were given eclipse themed foods: Moon Pies, Sun Chips, Sunny D’s, and Milky Ways. Some of the seniors enjoyed chicken nuggets under the bleachers. The crowd lounged on the field and the bleachers, listening to Coach Brothers relay the time until totality.

“It was a fun time for the whole school to come together as one and watch this amazing natural phenomenon. I enjoyed getting to experience it with my friends,” said Makenna Paszek, a senior at Nashville Christian School.

Another NCS student, Annmarie Alexander, junior, said her favorite part of the eclipse celebrations was “how everyone was so excited when total totality hit. Everyone was going crazy, jumping up and down, students and teachers.”

When totality started, the crowd quieted suddenly like the audience of a play as the house lights are flashed. Everyone looked towards the sky, waiting for the announcement to remove the glasses. The glasses came off quickly as people gazed at the total eclipse. Jaws dropped. An eerie feeling enveloped the crowd. When totality was over, the eyes of the crowd shifted from the sky to the people around them, amazed at the experience they shared.

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