Nashville Christian Blood Drive

NCS junior Billy Coble donates blood during the Blood Drive on Thursday Aug. 31 in the NCS gym.

On Thursday, August 31, Nashville Christian held a blood drive. A total of 21 units were donated to help people in need of blood transfusions. Mr. Carlucci organized the event. He said “We got 21 workable units. It was hard to get donors, but not to organize. We fell way short of the goal I wanted. I wanted every slot filled so that they [The Red Cross] were busy the whole time.”

The Blood drive took place in the gym throughout the entire day, starting in the morning and ending near the end of the day. The Red Cross brought all the needed equipment such as the gurneys, needles, and snacks.

Joseph Dyer, a junior blood donor said, “I got there at 11:15. They sat me down, and they asked me to read a giant packet. They took me into a private room and asked me questions about if I had any diseases and about my travel history. Then they took me out to where people were laying down on the chairs, and then they swabbed my arm. Then they got a really big needle, and stuck it in my arm. It was scary at first, because I have a slight fear of needles, but it wasn’t that bad because you can’t feel it at all. They gave you snacks like Cheezits and Gummies afterwards. I’m hoping to give blood next year.”

Nick Mynatt, a senior blood donor , said, “I had a near perfect blood drive experience. It was quick and efficient, and I trusted in the staff taking my blood. From when I showed up at the gym to when I left, it took about 35-40 minutes. It’s not as bad you think.”

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