Student Life

Snapchat or Instagram? Why?

  1. “Instagram because it has more features, although, I do use Snapchat.” –John Owen Delevante, 10th

  2. “Snapchat because the features are better” –Will Whitfield, 12th

  3. “Instagram because I’m not a big fan of streaks and I like posting my photography pictures.” –Ethan Vik, 11th

  4. “Snapchat because you are connecting directly with people and it’s how I get to know my friends.” –Anna Jones, 12th

  5. “Instagram because you can look at more pictures and it’s more entertaining.” –Raeganne Travis, 10th

  6. “Snapchat because I can talk to my friends” –Ella Spitzer, 9th

  7. “Instagram, it’s more entertaining; you can look at more stuff and if people don’t post on their Snapchat you can look at their Instagram.” –Bri Scott, 10th

  8. “Snapchat because I talk to more people on it and it’s easier to use.” –Ethan Bledsoe, 12th


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