What’s Your Favorite Piece of Art Work You Have Made this Year?

“My favorite is my multi media project. It was fun because you can be really creative with it. I made a polaroid camera with a picture coming out of it and incorporated it into a water color background. What influenced this idea was that I am into photography.” —junior Macy Wittbrodt

“My favorite piece of art work would be my mixed media. I did a plaster of the yin-yang symbol. I’m not really sure what gave me this idea, it just kind of came to me.” —senior Kali Natali

“My multi media project definitely, because it got me back into art. It was kinda like pop art, I painted a woman crying.” —junior Shelby Lloyd

“My favorite that I have made is my oil painting that is titled Yellowstone. I painted it based off a picture I actually took while I was in Yellowstone. It took a long time and I got mad at it, but it worked out. It was also put in the Cheekwood art show.” —senior Annmarie Alexander

“That is a hard question, I would say my favorite would be my personality portrait. it allowed me to represent myself and what I like, which is bowling.” —senior Aden Fuson

“My self portrait, it is my favorite ’cause it gave me an opportunity to draw myself, because I like myself. ” —freshman Martease Edwards

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