10 Things to do in the Winter

by Jonblaine Lucas

  1. Build a Snowman (Or Snow Angel) build one by yourself or build it with your family.

2. Go Dogsledding. Well, your gonna need a sled and a dog for this then tie a rope to a dog collar then go!!!

3. Go tubing. If you find a hill with snow on it bring a pool tube and go down the hill with it.

4. Go sledding. Get a sled then go down a hill, invite your friends and family to make it more fun.

5. Read by the Fire. It is best to do this in the winter because you won’t get too hot inside your house.

6. Attend a Hockey Game. You don’t have to do this just in the winter but it’s fun to go to hockey games.

7. Go ice skating. Go to a local ice skating rink or see where a lake has been frozen over.

8. Decorate Sugar Cookies. Decorating gingerbread men/woman are cool to do because you can add them to your gingerbread house.

9. Make a gingerbread house. These are fun because if you have other people make one with you yall can make it a competition.

10. have a snowball fight. Get a group of friends to make snowballs when it snows.

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