Homelander or Omni-man Who Would Win?

Who Are Omniman and Homelander?

With the face of a celebrity, the powers of Superman and portrayed by Antony Star, Homelander is the leader of NYC superhero team The Seven at Vought Internationals. Homelander is known for having a navy blue suit and the US flag cape, He is a charismatic, warm, altruistic and revolted superhero by any form of injustice.

Voiced by JK Simmons and adapted from the Invincible comic series, Omniman is seen as a role model to his son Mark Grayson and is the most powerful superhero from His series #Invincible. He comes from the planet Viltrum where he is apart of an alien race where everyone can fly and have super human strength, his allies are the guardians of the globe although he’s not particularly a member of the team. In the series, his son Mark gets his powers at a late age of high school, Omniman soon trains his son to be just like him but he sees something in him that he thinks doesn’t feel right

How strong are they?

Seeing how strong both supermen are, its still unlikely to see who would win in a battle given the facts that these two share superhuman strength, superspeed, and flying. The way Homelander deals with his enemies, don’t let this “hero” fool you because he’s not what you think he is. Judging by his personality features in general, when Homelander is sent one some sort of mission or if he doesn’t get his way he murders his enemies with his laser vision and not caring for what a real hero should do, that makes him a bad guy. Omniman is also very strong to fight homelander, but he also has some evil in him too, the secret he has in him is that Viltrum actually sent him to earth to be taken over by the viltrums and with many other planets as well when his son finds out how the guardians of the globe we’re murdered, so its fair to say that Homelander is worse than Omniman because he doesn’t hide his evil side at all he just gets over what he has to do to kill his enemies.

Would Their Sons Compete?

Given how much we’ve seen how strong both supermen are, they also have their sons that have powers like them as well but in different ways. Ryan Butcher who is Homelander’s son lives with his mom Becca Butcher and has lived a normal childhood life for a little bit of time when his father came into his life and started becoming a “Good” father to him and having father and son time with each other, later on in the series homelander tries to encourage his son to use his powers but becomes a major jerk to him putting him in danger.

Mark Grayson is a typical high schooler who got his powers at a late age considering his dad wasn’t expecting him to be a late bloomer. his dad (omniman) trains him to get use to his powers for when he becomes a superhero in the series. He then gets his suit and his official name “Invincible.” Omniman would have a chance at this because his son has been more open into being a super hero than Ryan Butcher.

In conclusion, out of the two in a battle with their own prime video series ans a father to their sons, Omniman would win because he has more passion than homelander ever would and he’s got his son to fight along side him

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