Would You Rather: NCS Edition

Today’s question is probably the greatest and most difficult question in Nashville Christian history. Would you rather look like and be Mr.Bishop for the week or eat the cafeteria fish sticks for a week. A difficult choice that is not for the faint of heart and here are a few of our high schoolers responses:

Maddie Gore (Senior): “Because I absolutely despise fish, I would have to be Mr.Bishop for a week. I don’t think it would be too difficult though because I already meet the height requirements”

Eva Watson (Junior): “I would be Mr.Bishop because I hate fish.”

Adrienne Raber (Senior): “Mr.Bishop because I refuse to believe the school fish sticks are real.”

Madison Gupton(Senior): “I would be Mr.Bishop because I’m vegetarian and I can’t eat fish and I would be able to make rules.”

Alexander Looney (Senior): “I would look like Mr.Bishop because I would be a leader to the teachers and show how I would run the school.”

Ellie Fouche (Senior): “I would be Mr.Bishop because fish sticks are nasty.”

So overwhelmingly everyone would rather be Mr.Bishop for a day than eat the school fish sticks. I’m not sure if this is a compliment to Mr.Bishop or an insult to fish sticks! Either way, the students have Nashville Christian School have spoken. Personally, I side with Maddie on that it wouldn’t be much of a change because I also meet his height requirements.

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