Top 3 Energy drinks by sales.

Energy Drinks taste good, but they are not so healthy for you. Apparently a lot of people don’t really care about their affects.

3. Bang energy

Bang energy has the highest caffeine contents on this list of 300 mg per can. They have multiple flavors and they are sold at almost every gas station or store. Bang has made 1.2 Billion dollars off of sales.

2. Monster Energy

Monster in my personal favorite. Its caffeine content isn’t too high of 160 mg per can. They also make different types. There’s a few coffee flavors, as well as some juices. Monster has 3.23 Billion dollars in sales.

  1. Red Bull

Red Bull is definitely the most popular energy drink. They have more ads, more sponsors, and more sales than every other energy drink. A Red Bull can only has 80 mg of caffeine in it. Red Bull has 3.25 billion dollars, which is barely more than Monster Energy.

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