When could we expect the Super Mario Movie Trailer?

So we’ve known about this film for a while now about it’s voice cast list and the release date of the film for holiday 2022, but there’s been the question flowing through the air of when exactly we can get the trailer. There will been times when we think we would get a teaser or even a sneak peek of the film any day since 2022 has started and the film releases this year, there has been Mar10 day and Nintendo Direct but nothing about the film was said or even mentioned, all we know or known about the film is that Luigi VA for the film Charlie Day mentioned in an interview on the late night show that the movie is Top Secret and its very serious stuff. Illumination movie usually get released during the holiday and their trailers get dropped during the summer time of that particular year like the Grinch, sing 2, etc. The possibility of seeing a trailer, sneak peek, or even a teaser of the film is unlikely during april or may, but considering that this film id coming in December 21st this year we can expect at least a new poster of what mario will look like sometime soon either in april or may. whats also likely possible is at Nintendo E3 this year during summer, because since this is a video game movie and its Mario, there could be a chance of seeing our firs official trailer by then.

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