Definitely SpringAs I drove past the Harpeth Valley Golf Center, turning onto Sawyer Brown Road on my typical commute from home to school, subtle changes in the world around me caught my eye. After such a memorable winter of chill and ice, the once dormant population of birds were now back to their social and daring ways, standing in the middle of the grey pathed roadway and waiting till the last second to fly out of the way of oncoming traffic. The color of white which had once covered the ground was now up in the trees. Bradford Pear trees that had once been mangled messes of naked brown bark were now sprouting white flowers like popped, un-buttered popcorn kernels. It seems like the last days of this harsh winter are behind us.

Spring is here, and as its name implies, it sprung up fast! This means a lot of things for the typical high-school student: No more snow days; no more frosted windows and frozen roads; no more freezing cold temperatures while the sun is still out; no more dead trees; and when Spring finally ends and Summer rolls around, no more school!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. A fourth of the school year is still upon us and we have much left to do! It’s easy to wish Spring away and turn our minds off as we wait for Summer to take us away, but our time is better spent wisely. Final projects and exams that could make or break our GPAs come around this time of year, so it’s important to keep our minds as alive and active as the world outside!

by Spencer Overbay

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