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Hard Work Pays Off

Students, parents, and guests look at the work on display for the Art show

Students, parents, and guests look at the work on display for the Art show

Prepping for the art show takes several days of hard work. You would think it wasn’t a big deal for a school to have an art show that lasted a few hours for parents to come by and see their kids’ art work.

However, that’s not always the case. Setting up for the art show takes a lot of effort by a lot of people. Some students help out by setting up pegboards for finished pieces. Others put pricing and labels up for their pieces, hoping to make some sort of profit for their hard work.

Artists throughout the entire high school constantly work on multiple pieces to display—ranging from photos taken out of the country to little landscape paintings of scenery around campus. People tend to think “Why are people so worried about this art show thing?” and not have any idea what this means for some students.

Maggie Shivers, a sophomore at Nashville Christian, thinks highly of art class. “I put a lot of work into my stuff just to see if people will look at it in the art show,” she said. “I’ve had several colleges send me emails saying they’re interested in me for my work and have offered me scholarships from seeing my work in the Schoolastic Art Show exhibit in Cheekwood, but I’m just working on more sculptures for next year’s art show. I have plenty of time to figure out where I want to go for art colleges.”

Each and every day in art class is a day of work. Creativity is constantly over flowing in the art room at Nashville Christian and so many beautiful projects are created.

Sadie Smith, as junior at Nashville Christian, worked on a sketch of the cast from The Breakfast Club for several long months. “I’ve wanted to give up on this project so many times,” she said. “There have been several days where I’ve made some mistakes that I thought couldn’t be fixed. But in the end, I loved working on this project and I’m pleased with how it turned out.”

by Amanda Breeden

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