Why both Super Mario 64 DS and Super Mario 64 are equally good

When it comes to nintendo and nostalgia for fans that grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, Super Mario 64 has aged gracefully over the past decades and it still holds up to this day. Super Mario 64 DS has been a classic to remember as well, But there’s a difference between the two and here’s why.

Super Mario 64 was the most popular N64 game to be released in the mid 90s for the Nintendo 64. What makes this game so fun is that Mario goes on another adventure through Peaches castle jumping from Painting to painting to get to another level and earn Stars when completing levels. Everything about this game including its soundtrack, references, and lore is very amazing to the Red Italian plumber’s reputation in the gaming industry that it’s been Mario’s iconic journey ever.

Super Mario 64 DS is simular to the original but with Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi, New characters that also hold up. The DS mario is more 3d with an updated visual look, they have more levels for each character, Mario still does the same victory pose when winning a star at the end of each level, and these games are single players but this one is hand healed for the Nintendo DS.

Even though these games have different formats, the love of Mario, the engaging graphics, the entertaining obstacles, both these games are good.

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