Changes in Sonic’s shoes over time

Modern Sonic Shoes

Sonic’s Iconic red sneakers first showed up in the 1991 sega genesis game Sonic The Hedgehog. The spikey blue hero wears these shoes while he runs at the speed of sound collecting rings. The purpose of his shoes was to run faster without friction from his shoes and they are refered to as Hi-top/Power Sneakers.

Light Speed Shoes

In Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX, in Sonic’s story there is a point in the game where he wins a new pair of shoes. These new sneakers allow him to Spin dash for 2 seconds then he glows blue and the shoes allow him to travel through a rail of gold rings leading him to his next destination. The shoes are called light speed shoes and they allow the player to feel lighter than air.

Hi-Speed shoes

In Sonic Adventure 2, The 2G high speed shoes are very similar to Sonic’s regular shoes, they have more outlines and more foot shaped proportions. these red shoes have a different design to them with tongues, thin white straps with golden fasteners on each end over their middle, and solid white cuffs. Like Sonic’s shoes, these shoes are shown as virtually friction-proof. they are specifically made for the grinding maneuver.

Sonic Movie Puma Sneakers

In sonic’s second appearence in his movie trailer, he was given a new pair of sneakers to look very accurate to his video game counter part. The shoes are called Puma dare sneakers, a few months before the film’s release, we thought puma would release a pair of shoes for the movies release, but sadly we were never meant to get them, they were only used for the character’s promotion/marketing. What makes these shoes so videogame look-a-like are the two main white straps on each shoe but not the gold buckles.

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