Top 5 Movie(s) Series/Trilogy Recommendations for Break(s) or Hanging Out with Friends

  1. Sam Raimi Spider-Man
  2. MCU Phase 1
  3. Diary of a wimpy kid trilogy
  4. Alvin and the chipmunks Quadrilogy
  5. kung fu panda trilogy

1. Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy

When it comes to Marvel’s Nostalgic films from the early or late 2000’s, the Spiderman Sam Raimi films have been the most iconic and fan loving movies even to this day. From Spiderman (2002) to Spiderman 3 (2007) all three of these films have made such a great series for the red webslinger in action portrayed by Tobey Maguire. The thing about these films that they share are some deep scenes with iconic dialogue, lines, and some humorous moments, most of all that fans praise from these movies are not just spidey him but the iconic Villans such as the Green Goblins , Doc Oc. Sandman, etc. so would I recommend these films? yes indeed not only some of these films were a bit successful idk about the 3rd one, but if anything really I recommend this trilogy for hanging with friends, going on trips etc.

2. Mcu Phase 1

When I look back at my childhood one of the things that first hits to me is the first phase of marvel, of Couse the first five films to crossover into one known as The Avengers, Iconic Hero’s such as Captain America, Thor, Ironman, and the Hulk have all gotten films of their own during the late 2000s and early 2010s and were successful at the time, but the other films from phase 2, 3, and 4 are alright, some are not bad but some are just meh… but the thing that makes this first era of a cinematic universe special is how the hero’s themselves found themselves in a moment in time to make a change, avenge deaths of those they’ve loved the most and are willing to make sacrafices for earth and keep the world a safe place, sure marvel films nowadays might just be attention seeking cash grabs for box office to get lots of money from, but honestly at the time when the first 6 films of marvel to crossover were such great times and I highly recommend these films for you and your friends to watch

3. Diary of a wimpy kid Trilogy (yes, the TRILOGY, long haul was terrible)

now that we’ve gotten marvel out of the way for this list now lets dive into the classic yet humorous films of diary of a wimpy kid , seeing these films had me laughing and enjoying every writting, acting, and comedy put into every scene from these films, giving the audience something to enjoy and the creator Jeff Kinney all the love and praise based off the books, so I recommend the first film, Rodrick Rules, and Dog Days for you to watch of course with friends, breaks, etc.

Alvin and the chipmunks

speaking of nostalgia, we all cant forget the lovable singing rodents alvin and the chipmunks, when it comes to live action cgi hybrid films with cgi characters, alvin and the chipmunks is the first one that comes to my head, sure some people might think that these characters havent been relevant for years since the 2nd film but some people love these characters as nostalgia icons, pop culture models etc. but to people who live cgi live action hybrid films i do recommend to see this quadriloty

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5. Kung fu panda trilogy

Last but not least Kung fu panda, as of course we all can’t hate the lovable Jack black that has led the role to Dreamworks iconic panda for years of the three kung fu panda films, these films are for everyone to enjoy, laugh, and most of all have a great time with seeing these beautiful work of art, So i do recommend you see the kung fu panda movies mostly for fun, joy, laughter, etc. Open document settingsOpen publish panel

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