My Top 5 Favorite Games on Xbox

#5 Forza horizon 2- Forza horizon 2 was a start to what racing games came to be now. it has a amazing car collection and feature lots of ways to play with other players. when I first started playing this game I was hooked. Race after race, getting more cars and upgrading for better more skilled drivers. I liked how you could choose different driving settings like how you shift or the way it steers. that is why this is one of my favorite games that I’ve played.

#4 Need for Speed Heat- This was a really fun game and it had lots of cars. NFS had a good multiplayer system and I never had any problem while playing. there were lots of things to do like collect flamingos statue that give you money or hit jumps and smash through signs. My only complaint with the game was that there weren’t a lot of campaign races. Overall this game was great and that’s why its number 4 on my list.

#3 black ops 3- This was the `2nd call of duty that I’ve ever played a bunch. there was a good selection of weapons and lots of maps. when I played this game a lot I would go for a sniper every time, I was pretty good with it but there was always someone better than which made me play more. I was also really big into the zombies game mode and went pretty far most of the times even being by myself. this game was amazing and i would play it again if I still had it.

#2 black ops 2- this was the 1st call of duty I played and arguable the best black ops made. I played lots of zombies and lots of multiplayer. I loved playing nuketown and I would use a shotgun the whole time and I would dominate. when playing zombies, transit was the go to map. I rocked a shotguns and a assualt rifle unless I got lucky and got a raygun. this game is what started everything for me in the call of duty franchise.

#1 Forza horizon 5- even though this game has only been out for about two and a half weeks now it already has reached my favorite game to play. it has the best upgrades and has the best engine sounds out of all the Forza’s I have played. Even the map its the biggest and its packed with tons of thing to do. there are races, jumps, drift zones, speed traps, and speed zones spread around the map for drivers to complete and compete against each other. but being such a new game it does have its flaws but even with the few little things it still is one of my favorite games to play.

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