Apps You Should Totally Check Out

If someone were to ask you how many apps are in the App Store, how many would you guess? 5 billion? 500,000? 5 million? Well, as of 2015, there supposedly over one and a half million apps available on the Apple App Store. Along with the 1.5 million+ apps out there, there are currently more and more apps being made right now. But out of that large marketplace of apps, there are the very popular and well-known apps, but also some new, notable apps available for download.

According to a September 2015 census, Facebook and Facebook Messenger are the top 2 leading social media apps ever. After the messaging option on the Facebook app broke away from the famous social media, Facebook Messenger, for whatever reason, became its own app, meaning: no more direct messaging on the Facebook app, unless you have Facebook Messenger. Following Facebook and it’s “spinoff”, Instagram comes in 4th place, and surprisingly in 9th place, Twitter. Some of the more well-known games available on the App Store are Candy Crush Saga, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, and many other apps made a few years ago.

On a “subreddit” on Reddit called AskReddit, a user asked all Redditors visiting the thread, “What’s the best phone app to play without wifi?” About 2300 Redditors contributed to the question, with some of the most upvoted replies being Plague Inc., 2048, Two Dots, and Crossy Road, and a handful of others.

As we know, more apps, mostly games, are being made and accepted into the App Store. Because of this, many unknown apps aren’t getting the attention they need. One useful app, called Waze, should definitely be more well known. Waze is a community based app, where users can update people nearby about wrecks, traffic, or any other cautions on the road in the area. This can be especially important for people running late, because it allows users to know which way they should go to get somewhere on time, rather than sitting in traffic for an extra 30 minutes.

Another great, and inventive app, is SleepBot. With this app, you can track your sleep movements and sleep cycle, and sets an alarm for you so you know when the best time to wake up is. Pretty ingenious, yet also a little creepy when you think about it. Who knows? It may actually work, or it may just be the placebo effect talking, making you believe it works.

Finally, an especially new game app is working its way up in the App Store, called “EpicBox”. The rules are simple. Simply rotate the filled in box and fit it into an outline of a larger, rectangular box before that box outline goes away. As the game goes on, the filled in box is more sensitive, and rotates faster, while the outlined box appears faster,making it more and more tricky. EpicBox is actually a fun game and is really addicting, and should keep you entertained for a while.

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