Behind the Scenes with the Banquet Queens

by Brooke Smith

IMG_4978The hallways are buzzing with excitement for banquet. Whispers of “have you gotten your dress yet?” and “who are you going with?” can be heard in every corner of Nashville Christian. Seating charts and meal plans are being finalized this very minute. But this process is not always glamorous and the people behind the scenes get the brunt of it.

From finding a venue to buying decorations, Banquet 2015 has been a headache to get together.

“It’s about as stressful as final exams, but with less studying and more fundraising,” said Sadie Smith, who is part of the banquet committee.

“Fundraising is so important. When you think you have enough money? No. Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise,” said Laura Pickard, another member of the committee.

As talented as our committee members are, they still have doubts about all their hard work.

“I think those of us who have worked a lot are nervous to see if everyone else likes it,” saidSadie.

“Yeah, but I also think it’s gonna be pretty nice, pretty elegant. We do have a harpist,” added Pickard.

But despite the doubts, our committee is excited about what they have in store for us.

“I’ve taste tested the food, I think y’all are gonna be pretty happy about what we got,” said Smith.

“I think it’s gonna be good. I’m excited, and if I’m excited about it, y’all are gonna love it,” added Pickard.

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