by Quinton Clonce

Recently, during the riots in Baltimore this week, one mother saw her child clad in all black and a hoodie throwing rocks at buildings and officials. She did what could only be praised as the best thing ever—walking down there herself and giving him the beating of a lifetime on national television.

Honestly, this is how we stop these people who are hurting people and businesses; they’ve already established they aren’t scared of the police, but EVERYBODY is scared of their own mother.

Just imagine it: a group of rioters moving down the street only to be ambushed around a corner by a hoard of angry mothers. A few rioters turn to run but are quickly chased down and tackled while those poor souls who chose to stay are all simultaneously grabbed by their ears and dragged off to their homes.

And boom, the riots end in less than five minutes and the national guard is out by the morning.

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