Up, Up, and Away: NCS at the Hot Air Balloon Festival


Senior Laura Beth Pickard paints a face at the balloon festival.

Hot air balloons, fantastic food, fun activities for kids, tents of all kinds, and the beautiful sunset sky set the mood for Saturday night’s big event in Nashville. Nashville Christian received the honor of attending the Hot Air Balloon Festival held at Percy Warner Park on Saturday to spread the word of goal-achieving students, fantastic programs, and most importantly the word of God.

Staff members Mrs. Wendy Paszek, Mr. Phillip Montgomery, Ms. Anna Wilson, and Mrs. Connie Jo Shelton come together to spread word to families from all over Tennessee about the works of Nashville Christian School and the environment of a loving & generous family guiding students to where they want to be in life.

“Our whole point of being there was not only to help our school grow in size, but to show the family-like atmosphere at Nashville Christian School,” said Mr. Phillip Montgomery. “The students that helped out on Saturday sacrificed their day to come out and promote their school. That alone just stands out to me as ‘hey these guys really care about our school and each other’, and it’s great to see that Nashville Christian comes together on days like these not as just students and faculty, but as a family.”

Not only did the volunteering students and faculty show that NCS is a loving and caring family, but they also showed people that we are a generous school as well.

“Everything we did that day simply showed that we have a generous spirit,” said faculty member Wendy Paszek. “We were the only school tent that didn’t charge money for face-painting or waters. We gave our stuff away to spread word about our school and wanted to let people know how generous our school is on and off campus.”  While staff/faculty members were taking care of business and promoting the school, current (and former) art students Sara Wilson, Laura Beth Pickard, Amanda Breeden, and Sadie Smith got to have a little fun with some face painting.

Throughout the day, these artists worked together to create some beautiful pieces of work on kids and adults with free face-painting. They did anything from rainbows with pots of gold to cats to super heroes.

“I think we demonstrated the environment of Nashville Christian in a pretty cool way,” said sophomore Sara Wilson. “By volunteering and showing that we care about the people we meet outside of school really shows that we are a pretty cool school.”

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