Get To Know Middle School Teacher Josh Barnett

Tell me about your experience with Nashville Christian School. What brought you here?

I had a principal call me and ask me if I would be interested in teaching 5th grade. My plans were to be a high school Bible teacher, so I was like “what??” when it came to teaching elementary school. I prayed about it. I went forward and fell in love with it. My experience has been wonderful. Its been an interesting, learning experience. It’s fun to watch students become who they were meant to become.


What was life like in high school for you? What was in style or cool to do after school hours?

I was the opposite of who I am today. I didn’t care about school. I had a group of friends that we made movies. I would go to friends’ houses a lot and have campouts. I did plays. I didn’t take school seriously. In style in the early 90s was probably was we would go to hand me down stores and get grungy looking clothes. Jordans, the cardigan look, and hip hop music. (Bell Biv DeVoe- Poison!!!) Grunge music like Nirvana, Temple of the Dog, etc.


What were your plans after high school? How was college and where did you go?

I had a very clique-ish group of friends that did crazy movies and hung out together. We all decided to work at Opryland together after graduating. I went to Vol State Community College. I was dating someone pretty serious, and just hanging around, working. My mom asked me about Freed Hardeman, so I went to an event at the school. The atmosphere was very nice. People were so nice and friendly. I changed over from Vol State, and it turned my life around. I came back and told my friends. I was kinda the first one to leave the group.


Tell me about your hobbies or responsibilities outside of school.

Working with the church as the preacher. I’m a father, husband. I have 3 boys who do all active things. One likes to run, one likes plays, and the other likes soccer and baseball. We do a lot of family things. I like to sit back, relax, and hang out with the family.


What is your favorite aspect of Nashville Christian School?

Being a close-knit school, there are a lot of times high school interacts with elementary. I also think a lot of high school students look up to faculty. There are older people for everyone to look up to. Modeling good behavior, in the sense of the desired expectation of who they want to become.


Also, tell me about your obsession with Star Wars.

When I was younger as a kid, I have a very fond memory of my parents taking me to Return of the Jedi. It was the first movie I could really understand. It’s very nostalgic. It’s fun and not life-serious, so it gives you an escape. It reminds me of being as a child that loved it and enjoyed it.

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