NCS Prom Summary

Nashville Christian School had a very interesting prom this year. Our venue was located at Nisan Stadium in Nashville and here is how it went for me and my friends. To start off, I got ready at my friend’s house with hair makeup and got dressed and then we headed downtown to take pictures. We went to the centennial park and took pictures at the Parthenon like every other female going to prom. After we took some pictures we headed over to FlatIron bar and grille for some food before we head to the stadium. We took more pictures once we got to Nisan and we then lined up for the senior walk, the senior walk was supper unique this year since we got the Nashville skyline as our backdrop. One interesting element of this year’s prom was after we did the walk, we got to go down and see the football locker room for the Titans team. After the locker room tour and superlatives, we started the actual dance. I didn’t participate in the dance this year because I had a mild concussion so I stayed outside and looked over the football field. Overall, it was an amazing night, and thank you to every who helped make that happen.

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