Thoughts on the Predators in Game One

PK 5

The Nashville Predators, first in the Central Division, took on round one game one on April 20th at Bridgestone Arena. Starting off the game, the fans had no doubt on losing the first game of the playoffs against Dallas Stars who were 4th in the Central Division. There were many different predictions based off the Predators current season that they would pull off a big win against the Dallas Stars. But the fans did not know what was coming for them Wednesday night. Looking at the Predators current record, they had many miracles that turned into a big win they never thought would ever happen.

For game one, the Nashville Predators started off how they wanted to and jumped out strong and attacked their opponent for the first twenty minutes of the game. The first period ended and the Predators took the lead as they planned to 1-0 against Dallas Stars. The Stars started to step up their game and tied up with the Predators 1-1 at the end of the second period.

The second-period ended and the third period began and the Predators had to make a move quickly to step up their game in order to win. The fans started getting anxious and did not know what to expect at the point when the third period began but still had hope for their team on winning.

The third period came and the Predators had to make a plan on how to pull off a big win to start off strong in the playoffs. Dallas Stars scored making a lead 2-1 and the Predators started to put their game faces back on. Focusing back 0n the game, the Predators score to tie up the game 2-2 and had hope for a win that night. Then Dallas Stars managed to score near the end of the third period and ended the game 3-2 with the Predators leaving with a loss.

Moving past what happened Wednesday night, the Predators have to notice the Dallas Stars were the better team on Wednesday night. The Preds needs to focus on what needs to be better for game two Saturday night.

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