A Year of Firsts

The soccer program has stepped into the spotlight this season due to recent successes. First, the high school girls soccer team won the most games in any season in their history. Second, the middle school girls soccer team won the state championship for the first time ever. Now it is the high school boys soccer team’s turn and they are breaking all types of records and accomplishments.

The Nashville Christian boys soccer team is currently six and five and second in district at the moment. They also have a six-game winning streak.

“It feels amazing to be able to finally brag about our team. I didn’t expect this with how our season started, but with all the hard work and talent we have developed during the season, I can believe it now,” said junior Austin Sura.

Usually being mercy-ruled by other teams in previous seasons, the boys never expected to ever do it to another team. Mercy-ruling Friendship Christian was the first time in high school boys soccer history they had to mercy-rule somebody.

“It felt awesome to beat a team like that. It gave the whole soccer team a big boost of confidence,” said freshman Quentin Flowers

In a recent game against Clarksville Academy, they beat their previous coach, Coach Bull, who left in 2016. They played this game with heart, and Bull couldn’t beat that.

“It felt good to win because it was beating a coach we felt disrespected by. [We] were determined to win,” said senior Riley Griffin.

The team is also second in district and hopefully about to be in first. Their fate for first in the district is determined at the Goodpasture game, Tuesday, April 23 at five.

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