2018/2019 NCS Boys Soccer Near-End Season Review

As a senior on the NCS boys soccer team, I can truly say that this year seems to be a turning point in our program. Traditionally our soccer team hasn’t performed the best, due to inexperienced players and lack of proper coaching and management. I have played soccer all four of my years at NCS and the first three years were a massive contrast to this one.

Those early years we struggled every game to even look competitive against any other school. We lacked skill, stamina, and the experience needed to perform on the soccer field. Even with that situation, our team still managed to enjoy the games and seasons as a whole.

Last year our team was blessed with a new coach who has really brought life into our program. He has really been involved with our team like no other coach I have seen before him. He has fought to get us things like a locker room, tv, whiteboard, etc… during his first seasons. His coaching style and philosophy have challenged the players on our team to outperform and defy expectations. In his second year of coaching our team, we have begun to understand his philosophies and tactics better so our performances on the field really demonstrate our programs new effort and attitude.

With some new talent added to the team, and some players beginning to understand the game better, we have really begun to change the NCS soccer program. While we started the season off 1-5, we have recently entered a winning streak making our record a positive 6-5. While that may not sound the best, you have to realize that our soccer team hasn’t won over 2 regular season games in the three years that I have been playing before this one. We still have three games left in the regular season and we have a chance on winning out. No matter what happens I am truly grateful to see this team succeed.

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