Macey’s Top 3 Vacation Spots Outside the US

Summer is coming up and there is nothing better than going somewhere new! Each summer, my family and I take trip outside of the country. I am going to list my own top 3 places so I can tell you exactly why I would recommend going.

  1. Montego Bay, Jamaica – When I went to Jamaica, we did a lot of excursions. Horseback riding in the ocean, climbing waterfalls, and cliff jumping into the prettiest water holes were just some things we did. Trying the Jamaican jerk chicken is a must. Everyone was so friendly and made the trip so fun so I definitely would list this as my top vacation spot.
  2. St. Lucia – This island might be small but it is beautiful. My favorite thing we did on this trip was go on an excursion with a crew called Joy’s Adventure Excursions. They took us snorkeling, sight seeing, shopping, and ended it with an authentic lunch. They were so friendly and definitely the highlight of my trip.
  3. Cancun, Mexico – This vacation spot is definitely very popular so usually all the resorts are packed. Don’t let that keep you away though because it is a great way to meet lots of new people! I left the resort once on this trip to go parasailing and swim with dolphins which was super fun. Other than that, the resort had something new going on every night! The water was so clear and fun to jet ski on. I recommend going here with a big group of people.

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