Tech Talk

IMG_7626After using tablets for several years, Nashville Christian high school students started the 2015 year with a transition to laptops. Instead of using the iPad tablets, the school has officially decided to let the students use laptops for school purposes. Last year, a select few of the high schoolers were given a laptop to use as a test run for this year.

So far this year, students seem to like the idea of using laptops this year instead of the tablets. Many claim to say that using laptops are easier and more reliable than using iPads.

“Yes, I like using laptops,” said senior Sadie Smith, “because it feels a lot more personal and I can tailor the laptop.” She also added, “I think laptops are more work oriented. I feel like I don’t get as distracted when I’m on it. And the full keyboard makes writing assignments a lot easier than using an iPad. I can tailor my laptop to whatever my personal study habits are. I can both listen to music and look up or download outside materials too.”

“Although iPads were easier to carry around,” senior Melica Nikahd commented, “I like the laptops more because we can put our own apps on them, and they are not taken up at the end of the year. We can also use the exact same laptops when we go to college instead of making extra purchases.”

The new freshmen are also intrigued by the new, easier form of technology. Freshman Will Taylor said he likes laptops, because you can do more with them and it’s easy to type on.

Joey Hendricks added, “I prefer laptops to iPads simply because of the range of usability. They are much more versatile and have greater longevity than iPads, and are generally more powerful for the price. There’s a reason why most college students own laptops and not iPads”.

Hendricks also explains, “It is MUCH easier to take advantage of educational tools and programs on a computer, since many of those tools are web based and optimized for computers. I feel that there is a hindrance that keeps us from getting the full potential out of our laptops. Our local network infrastructure is VERY old (the most recent equipment is about 10 years old now) and simply can’t support all of the new technology that we’ve taken on. The problem has been around for a few years, but it really took us stepping up our tech to highlight the issue. Really, the problem is not with Laptops at all; they’re great and much easier to work with than iPads, you just need the structure to support them.”

Unanimously, it’s clear that most, if not all, students prefer laptops over iPads. Students’ opinions prove they’re easier to work with, they’re more personal, and more convenient for school use.

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