The Fight of this Generation: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Takes On Manny Pacquiao

by Amanda Breeden

Two world champions remain, but only one can be crowned champion of this generation of boxing. Over this past weekend, everyone talked about the boxing event they had been waiting to watch for six years. Polls on social media lit up all over television stations, and here’s the final poll from that night: 33% Mayweather, 67% Pacquiao. The fight that everyone would talk about for the next few years was finally here: The undefeated, American Welter-Weight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. verses the Philippine’s 8-time world champion Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a thirty-eight year-old American boxer who has a record of forty-seven wins, zero losses or ties. Twenty-nine of his wins were by knockouts, and he is trained by his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. Floyd Jr. has a “unique” fighting style. His keys to victory for that battle were staying away from the ropes. Whenever he goes near the ropes of the ring, that’s when he falls victim to his opponents. Manny’s keys to victory are landing his lead left punches, maximizing volume in all of his punches, and hit from angles more than straight jabs. When the fight ended, the final score was Floyd Mayweather Jr., 118, over Manny Pacquiao, 110.

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