NCS Boys Baseball Compete for Regionals

by Amanda Breeden

IMG_4667After winning the title of District Champions, the fight is on for Regional Champions. With intense practicing and coaching, the players are getting excited more and more that each day goes by.

“I think our team is prepared for this game,” says Sophomore Jacob Schola. “When coach told us during the East Robertson game that ‘we worked too hard to lose,’ that gave everyone the boost of energy we needed to carry out the game with a win.”

Everyone on the team is starting to prep for the big game, but the season is coming to an end. Even though it’s coming to an end, head coach Ben Williams still has some things to say to his team.

“We’re still getting prepared for the big game,” says Coach Williams. “We still need to review plays, but during the game is a crucial time. We need to do what we practice and throw strikes instead of walks. If we do that, we can defeat anybody that plays against us.”

When it came to talking about who lead the team throughout the season, it was a little challenging to say specifics.

“I would say everyone has done a fantastic job throughout the season, but our defense this year has been the best,” says Schola. “They’ve paid attention to what coach wanted them to do and they’ve done their job well.”

As a team, everyone has done their job well. Whether it’s hitting home runs, or simply defending the opposing team, everyone has a part.

“I would say the Junior class has done a fantastic job in leading the team to where it is today,” says Coach Williams. “We don’t have any Seniors on the team, so the Juniors have come to the realization that they have to step up and lead this season and the following season. I’m proud of them.”

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