10 Songs to Kick Off Summer

by Brooke Smith

The school year is almost over and the season of bonfires and toes in the sand is almost upon us. NCS students are getting into beach mode, and here are a few songs to help them along the way.

1. Geronimo by Sheppard – The air is warming up and this song is starting to trend. It’s has all the hype of a music festival, with the convenience (and misfortune) of being at home.

2. I Am Superman by REM – This is the perfect lazy summer day song. Best when used at the pool or neighborhood cookouts.

3. Best Day of My Life by American Authors – This song is every bit as cheery as the title sounds. It feels like when you’re out with great friends and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

4. Flying High Again by Ozzy Osbourne – Would it really be summer without Ozzy Osbourne? Any song of his would work, but Flying High Again accurately describes the feeling of finally getting out of school.

5. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon – I dare you to find a song by Walk the Moon that doesn’t feel like summer. Can’t find one, can you? Anna Sun is a personal favorite because it feels like the freedom only summer can provide.

6. Panama by Van Halen – Road trip to Panama City, anybody? This summer rock anthem will make you never want to leave the beach.

7. Island in the Beach by Weezer – If you didn’t already want to live at the beach, you will now. This song is the musical equivalent to sun bathing and sipping a piña colada.

8. Fun Fun Fun by the Beach Boys – There isn’t a more perfect beach song. It makes you long for a time where twisting was cool.

9. Silhouettes by Colony House – Need a song to add to your road trip playlist or just something to dance around your room to? Silhouettes is the song for you.

10. Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy – Could I leave this song out with a title like that? Of course not, especially when it’s going to be your next summer jam.

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