Soccer Preview

Soccer season is only a couple weeks away and the NCS boys soccer team has a new coach: Coach Winston Williams. Coach Williams has soccer background and  experience playing the game. While the soccer team has struggled in past years, with the new coach the team hopes things will turn around.

The team practices everyday, focusing on a lot of running, running drills, and making plays. Coach Williams wants the team to run a lot in order to get everyone in shape. Soccer players usually run about 7 miles a game. The team has endurance Mondays and Wednesdays sprints to help get the team in shape.

Freshman Cavin Phung talked about how practice goes, “ Practice goes very good; it is a lot of running and sprinting. Also a lot of passing and control drills with the ball.”

The soccer team has 15 games this season and the first game is on March 20th against Harpeth. The team has 9 away games and 6 home games. This year’s team is very young and it only has 1 senior on team. On the field during play, 11 play at a time and right now there are currently about 18 players on the NCS team.  That is good depth for the team and allows the coach to put some fresh legs out there during games.

Junior Jordan Williams said,  “I am very excited about the new season with the new coach and winning some games.”


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