The Spring Retreat

On the weekend of March 2nd to the 4th, NCS Students went to Coldstream Christian Camp for the annual Spring Retreat. This retreat was a great way for students to bond with each other and their teachers, as well as to grow spiritually.

The Retreat was planned by Mrs. Tracy Brothers, who said “A couple of years ago we only had a fall retreat, and because there were so many kids who couldn’t go in the fall because of sports, we wanted to offer another opportunity. Basically we found this small camp called Coldstream Christian camp in Adams, Tennessee and thought it would be good. The theme was identity, so the main goal was to talk about what our identity is as far as what the world tells us, what people tell us,  and what God tells us. What we wanted was for people to come away with a good understanding of who God says they are.

Mrs. Brothers believe this goal was achieved, saying, “I feel like everyone who came really bought into the experience, and they listened, and we had great discussion, and the last day we had an open mic deal people could share what they learned, and there were some powerful testimonies of what they heard from God. I think that the students really saw and heard and understand what it is God says about them.”

While the retreat was focused on a spiritual message, it didn’t lack in terms of activities.

Chandler White, a senior who went on the retreat, said, “We were there from Friday evening to Saturday morning. We did a lot of group activities. We did a scavenger hunt/escape game, and played sports like basketball, volleyball, and trashcan football. Trashcan Football is a game Coach Shaw made up, and it’s like a combination of basketball, football, and ultimate frisbee. There was a also a zipline above a lake which you could jump down into.”

When the retreat was over, Xavier Myers, a junior, said, “I felt pretty happy and shocked at the end of the retreat because it was an eye opening experience.”

Overall, the retreat seems to have been a fun experience for those who went on it and many are glad that they went.

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