6 Things to Expect from Junior Year

by Brooke Smith

1. Dual Enrollment English may seem fine at first. At first. But by the end of the year, either you or your grade will die. Probably both.

2. Bible with Crow is the best class you will ever have. It’s like spiritual study hall. With movies.

3. Pre Calculus doesn’t make any sense. Don’t try to understand it if you want to pass.

4. Don’t complain when Carney gives work in Physics.

5. You probably floated through freshman and sophomore year. I know I did. But now you’re getting ready for college, and now is the time to dig your feet in and be ready to fight for a decent grade.

6. That being said, YOUR GRADES ACTUALLY MATTER. Like for serious this time. People say it a lot but this time they aren’t just saying that. Colleges look at this year specifically because it’s the hardest one ever and if you don’t take it seriously, it’s going to reflect very poorly on you. So try your hardest, don’t give up, and keep going. If you can come out of it alive, you can do anything. I promise.

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