Student Life

The NCS 2016 Fall Retreat


Hey, everybody. Have you ever wondered about how the fall retreat was for the whole school?? If so, you came to the right place to hear from the NCS students how it went.

We did different activities like the low ropes courses, paintball, giant swing, archery & BB guns, and a climbing tower. There were also games like Gaga ball, 9 Square, & Wiffle ball.

The Low Ropes Courses had you go through some obstacles as a team instead of an individual effort. The giant swing is where you had to put on a harness, then 2 employees hooked you up to chains and the people in your group pulled the rope to send you up 50 feet off the ground.  After you got all the way up to 50 feet, you pulled a string which released you to swing into a U shape to see a nice view of the field that it was in front of the swing.

For the climbing tower activity you had to climb up from the ground to the top—which is about 45 feet in the air. Paintball had you try to shoot somebody opponents’ team. In the archery & BB guns activities you tried to hit a target in the middle and earn points.


Gaga Ball was a game where you tried to roll the ball on the ground and hit the other players on their feet or legs, while not getting hit yourself. In 9 Square you tried to keep the ball off the ground in your square, because if it hit the ground, you were out or had to start over.

Wiffle ball was a game similar to baseball rules and regulations where you tried to hit the ball as far as you could without it getting caught by an opposing player.

The retreat was really a great experience for every NCS student who went. I would encourage every NCS student to go next spring for the 2017 Spring Retreat.






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