Student Life

New School Year, New Projects


     With the start of a new school year, the advanced art class has some new ideas for Nashville Christian School. Some students have one last year to be in the art environment Nashville Christian School offers, others have a little under two years left. But with the start of a new school year, art students were informed of a new type of project for the upcoming annual art show: a project called “A Series Of…”. This project is about making a series of different things that come together to form one large project. Throughout this project, students focus on developing new levels of creativity while enhancing current skills to help make us better artists.

    In the realm of the arts, learning new things is challenging to both the mind and the spirit. When drawing or painting something, art students have this flood of energy rushing through in a strong yet soothing manner. Creativity swirls through the minds of the world’s upcoming artists.  Yet, at times students grow bored with the everyday “Be creative” phrase of encouragement. When talking to this year’s advanced art class, they have a different state of mind about it.

    “When you’re working on this project, it helps you get better at skills you already have,” said junior Mia Sadler. “You’re trying to focus on so many things while drawing multiple people or objects all at once. So it really helps you with your creativity.” Even though juniors and seniors have different view-points like everyone else, the seniors have a little bit more insight about what they’re facing during their last year of high school.

    “I think the projects we have going on right now are pretty cool,” said senior Jaylon Jackson. “I mean Mrs. Torrez knows what she’s doing. I appreciate that she wants to help us grow to become not only better artists, but better people. Not only do students have positive feedback about the new project, but the art teacher does as well.” Not only do the students express eagerness and accept the new challenges coming their way, but the teacher does the same.   

    “I hope for the students to dig down deeper into thinking about making a visual out of emotions,” said middle & high school art teacher Donna Torrez. “I want them to learn that we should be thankful that God gives us emotions to express ourselves inside or outside of the art world.”

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