NCS Lady Eagles Serve Up A Win


The Lady Eagles volleyball team started their 2015 season off on the right foot in their first games of the season. After winning all three periods against Clarksville Academy on Thursday August 20th, the Lady Eagles impressed us all with the big win. Even though the Eagles do a fantastic job at their beloved sport, they also have to work hard at what they’re known for.

“The most challenging part is probably practice,” senior Kassie Perez said. “You practice how to play, which means practice kicks your butt into shape so you can bring it out to push through a hard match.” Perez also said, “We practice every weekday when we don’t have a game (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) and we normally have JV from 3:00-4:00 and V from 4:00-6:00.”

After many days and hours of practice the volleyball team puts forth, the coaches are very proud of the girls and their hard work and their potential, especially with the seniors.

“The seniors are definitely the leaders on the team,” said Coach Bartlett, “because Mia and Olivia are great blockers and hitters, and Emily leads the team with her serving abilities. It’s obvious that this team has the potential to be great this year and to achieve many goals that have been set for years.”

Through thick and thin, the Lady eagles are always there for each other no matter what. They’ve grown close through what they love and they will always be there for one other as not only a team, but also as family.

“From being on the team, I’ve learned that teams are families,” Perez mentioned, “and we all love each other on and off the court. Even if there’s an argument between some people, it doesn’t affect the team.” senior Emily Bartlett added, “It’s like we’re a family… Y’know… we’re tight!”

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