The Fall Season Approaches

IMG_7655With September progressing, it’s time for the leaves to change and the fall to start. Cold football games, Halloween, Thanksgiving, leggings, sweaters, flannels, Starbucks, scary movies, and the leaves changing are many of the hallmarks associated with this cheery season. Fall officially starts September 23rd.

With so many things to do during this season it’s hard to be bored. ABC provides some of the best/classic family movies during the whole fall season to get people into the Halloween mood. Starbucks comes out with their pumpkin spice making every basic girl very happy. Sweaters, leggings, and flannels make their first appearance back since last winter. Cold football games are what some live for—because going to the concessions at half time to get that deliciously steamy hot chocolate feels amazing with the cold weather.

Colorful leaves fill the trees making the scenery spectacular. Imagine being in the stands for a Friday night football game and you look around our NCS field and see all the trees four or five different colors. It’s definitely a sight to see during the fall season.

Imagine being that little kid again getting to dress up and get free candy for Halloween. Or being a teenager and going to your first haunted house and being scared out of your mind. Or the parents who get to take their kids around door to door and see the smile on their face when they get the candy. Halloween is something fun and enjoyable to do during this time of year.

Then, there is Thanksgiving… when you eat till you can’t eat anymore. The home cooked meals and family atmosphere is why thanksgiving is so important to so many people. It’s a holiday all about giving thanks and appreciating what you have in life. Fall is filled with such amazing experiences that it is hard not to be excited for this time of year.

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