What To Do and Not To Do at Disney Parks

IMG_2320Since fall break is approaching rather quickly many people have trips scheduled on their to do list during the break. One of the major hotspots is of curse Disney Parks. Here are just a few tips and tricks on how to get around the park, save you some time, and of course save you some money.

Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World: Many people that visit the Disney parks love to visit in the times that kids are out of school. September was voted as one of the best times to Visit the Disney Parks because the weather is warm, everyone’s in school, and the prices are low. But, the worst part of the year is Christmas or Thanksgiving. Make your stay away from thee weeks that EVERYONE is out of school.

How to take a break: Many people throughout their park experience become exhausted. But, there is one ride that doesn’t force you to depart. That Walt Disney railroad is a 25 minute ride around the park that gives your kids something to do and look at but gives you a while to sit back and take a  quick break.

How to Navigate the park: Throughout the day everyone starts their journey at the front of the park. When you enter the park make you start towards the back. Some of the most adventurous and fun rides are placed at the very back of the park with low wait times at the start of the day.

Quickest Way Through Ride Lines: Most of Disney’s biggest rides include a single rider wait line. This line moves much faster but will split your party up to fill seats. Even through you may not all ride together it saves you a tremendous amount of time from waiting so you can all ride together.

A major necessity: Make sure before you go to the parks you go to a local Walmart or target and purchase an external battery. Throughout the park experience your battery will drain quite a bit. These external batteries run you about $15 at your Walmart. But, once you make it to the park they can range from $45-$100.

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