Sawyer Brown Red Light

IMG_4248Many people recently have been complaining about the new red light that was placed at the end of Sawyer Brown Road. A lot of people have been late because the new red light at the end of the road taking so long.

One morning it took me 8 minutes to turn off of Charlotte Pike onto Sawyer Brown because of that light. But, the light was placed there because of many previous accidents at that intersection. Before the light was placed there, the intersection was a hard one to maneuver in and out of.

I asked people how they felt about the light.

“Does the light affects your route to school? How? Why?

“Yes, it gets backed up to the second light. So, then you have to worry about two lights on the way to school and you get stuck twice as much. It’s just super annoying. It’s almost as there is a four way but it’s just a driveway and they shouldn’t have their own light. That light changes in order for that light to change for that one driveway.” –Danna Griffin 11th Grade

Have you ever been late because of the light?

“I haven’t been late this year but I was last year because of the light. But, I’ve had to leave earlier because of this light. “ – Danna Griffin 11th Grade

How many kids a day are late due to the light?”

“They have adjusted the light and not as many for this week. But the past week I had about 30 kids come in late.” –Tammy Wilson

Do you think this new light is good?

“No, I think it is non-productive. It has created traffic issues where there was a straight shot. It has created a lot of traffic.” –Tammy Wilson

From the reviews that we have received on the light, many hold negative options on whether the light should be there or not. But, as I see it, the light can be almost a life saving mechanism. Turning left from Sawyer Brown can be a tricky and risky maneuver risking your life and your car. This light has been a great way to keep everyone safe, but we all might just need to leave our houses a little bit sooner to beat it.

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  1. My father in law might be alive today if that light was installed earlier. It may be annoying but I think it could save lives. How about leaving five minutes earlier or find another route if that light is too “annoying” for you.


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