What to Check Out in Nashville

IMG_5017Nashville is a gorgeous city, day and night. People hear so many good things about the city, ranging anywhere from good southern food to the atmosphere from the people. Celebrities like Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger have been frequent visitors of Nashville, and that has played a role in inspiring people from all over the world to move here! Because of that, the city of Nashville has grown into one of the country’s most popular cities for fun activities, home life, and music careers.

One of the big reasons that Nashville has grown at the rate it’s been the past few years is because of the attractions. Nashville has so many great places for tourists and natives to come out and enjoy. Places like the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, brand new Convention Center, and Tootsies are some of the city’s most favored attractions. Even some of the minor things that Nashville has to offer like local breweries, Plaza A-Z Art Store, BB King’s Blues Club, horse carriage rides through the city, and Belle Meade Plantation bring in quite a crowd.

Home life in Nashville has also grown at a tremendous rate over the past few years. There have been several buildings built for high-rise apartments in places like The Gulch, Germantown, and even Music Row. There have been recent developments of the Projects throughout Nashville, but mostly apartments or condominiums. Families, recently married couples, or international individuals seeking new opportunities come from all over to either live or simply tour the great city of Nashville.

Music careers are huge impact on Nashville. So many record labels have signed country music artists anywhere from Texas to right here at home in Nashville like Mickey Guyton and Native Run. People from all over flood to Nashville in hopes of making a new career and to get their name out on the streets of a popular city famous for country music. If you’re interested in going to places to hear local country music, places like Tootsie’s and Bluebird Cafe are the places to go!

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