Hard Work from the Lady Eagles

With the first official NCS basketball game in two weeks against The University School of Nashville, the Lady Eagles are prepared to play the game they know how to play. Going from a rare no seniors last year to 5 this year, it has definitely been a positive change for this growing team. They have become more mature, grown physically, and mentally together with the team being the exact same with the exception of 4 new freshman. The first official practice started this week. Hard work and great communication skills has been evident in the first couple of practices.

Coach Wood has been the Head Coach of the Lady Eagles for 10 years now. His expectations are high for this year’s Lady Eagles. With the 5 seniors, 4 juniors, 1 sophomore, and 4 freshman there has been non stop hard work coming from all the players. The question is are they ready for The University School of Nashville. Coach Wood says “I do, absolutely…. We let some games go last year with our youth coming into play. This year there are no excuses.”

The tradition of praying before and after every game is something the Lady Eagles have done for awhile. However, that is not the only tradition they hold. Leaving a legacy for the teams to come. Figuring out what NCS really means to each of the players and how they are going to represent it. Leaving behind something the middle school and even elementary can look up to and achieve because they are always watching. Achieving that through hard work, determination, and their christian life.

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