Panda Express Coming Soon

Charlotte has grown over the past couple of years—new strip malls, to new houses, and good food. The one thing that has been on everyone’s mind are all the great food options. Red Robins, Logan’s, Blue Coast Burrito, Chick Fil A, Buffalo Wild Wings, and many more. This upcoming December there will be one more added to that list of great food options. Panda Express is one of the most well known Chinese restaurants. They are known for their delicious orange chicken and their fried rice. Many people are very excited about the opening of Panda Express. A very anticipated restaurant that will most likely get big business.  Nashville Christian seniors are especially excited to take their Friday lunches to Panda Express.

Senior Stetson Marlin says, “I’m ready to chow down on the fried rice and orange chicken.”

The nearest Panda Express from Nashville Christian is in Brentwood. A good 30 minute drive which is not really ideal for a senior who is trying to go there and back in an hour during Brentwood lunch hour. That is why the Panda Express on Charlotte is very convenient. The drive from Nashville Christian to the new Panda Express is very easy and can be easily made in an hour with ample amount of time to do other things. Also the amount of food you get is plenty to fill you up and take home for a midnight snack. The wait for the Panda Express opening is winding down and will be here soon and the Bellevue community is very excited about that.


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