Student Life

Forensics Class’ Field Trip to the Adventure Science Center

IMG_0186Students in Ms. Carney’s forensics class took a field trip to the Adventure Science Center on October 29th to do a forensics based lab. In the middle of second period, the 20 students in the senior only class met up in the Commons Area and made their way to the science center. After a seemingly short trip, the class exited the bus and entered the building, and the students were given 15 minutes to explore the first level of the museum while the lab was being set up. The class met up in Benson Lab, where they were given a set of instructions, and began their lab.

In this lab, the students were handed a folder with “classified information” and had to find out who committed the crime. In the room were 5 tables and each table had a different station to analyze the evidence in the made up crime scene. One of the five tables was the fingerprinting section, where the students had to see if the fingerprint at the crime scene matched the suspect’s, and even got to see their own fingerprints with ink and paper. The second section was about analyzing the “blood” sample from the crime scene and all of the suspects’ “blood” to see if their blood types matched with the one at the crime. At the third table, students did the same thing they did at the second table, but just to double check to make sure the evidence matched up. The fourth table was where students took a strand of the clothing found at the scene and see if it was identical with the clothing of any of the suspects. The fifth and final table was where they took a sample of hair found at the scene and compared it with the suspects’ hair. At the end of the lab, everyone successfully guessed the right suspect, and found out who was really responsible for the crime.

From there, the students released their inner child, and were allowed to roam around and play in the museum for an hour before they left to go eat, and soon returned back to school.

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