5 Things to Look Foward to This Fall


With trees changing color, leaves falling, and football in the air, summer is beginning to become a thing of the past. Cool weather breezes through causing shorts to go back into their closets, where they will stay for the next few months. Unless you are oblivious to your surroundings, fall is here. And here are a few things to look forward to this fall.

1.Presidential Race

Since Obama has served two consecutive years in office his time is up. It’s time for new  leadership in the White House. Some candidates in the 2016 Presidential Race are Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton,  Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio,  Ted Cruz, and others. It will be interesting watching the Republican and Democratic debates this fall and watching America choose its next president.


Whether it’s NFL, NCAA, TSAA, or even little league, football is here. No matter which level it’s always exciting to watch and play football. Preseason is over and teams have already got the ball rolling on their seasons. The Titans hope to have a successful season with playoff hopes because of their newest prodigy, Marcus Mariota. Mariota will start for the Titans after signing a four year deal with them and according to “Sports Illustrated”,“Fox Sports’ Mike Garafolo estimates the deal is worth a guaranteed $24.2 million plus a $15.9 million signing bonus. The team did not immediately announce the financial terms of the deal.

Also our NCS Football Eagles hope to take a shot at the state championship again this year. After an undefeated record last year and a loss to Union City in the Semifinals, one game before State, the Eagles are fired up to take their game to the next level and win a championship. Coach Brothers says, “We just have to remain focused and not make mental mistakes. We have the talent and the know-how, we just need to execute to get where we want to be”

3.Fall TV

Fall TV shows are always fun to watch. With season premiers and series premiers many viewers are ready for the upcoming season on television. Favorite shows return like “Gotham”, “Scorpion” ,”Empire”, “Scandal”, “Arrow” , “Flash”, and “The Walking Dead”. And new ones emerge like “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris”, “Blindspot”, “Blood and Oil”, “Grandfathered”, “Code Black,” and many others. It’ll be fun seeing old characters, developing new favorites, and watching others flop.

4.Shorter Days

Since fall is before winter shorter days are inevitable. So make sure you set back your clocks a hour on Oct 31st because that’s when daylight saving times ends and you might get a little extra sleep.

5.Fall Festivals

Nashville is a growing city and there are plenty of thngs to do. On October 16th you could head over to the Bicentenial Capitol Mall for the Tennesee History Festival. Or head to Rockettown on the 23rd for “Taste of Nashville” which is an annual celebration of resturants, distllers, and other finne food creators. Also if you are looking for a scare visit on of Nahville’s haunted houses, you can find locations on NashvilleNightmare.com.

So before winter gets here it’s best to enjoy fall while you can.