Student Life

Top 5 Memories of Homecoming

Favorites - 75) Tacky Tourist Day- without a doubt it was one of the best days. From the looks of it, it seemed that everybody was able to participate, and rocked it from 1st period to study hall.

4)  Videos- videos during homecoming week are stressful, but the outcome is always beautiful. If you are an underclassmen with some wicked dance skills this is your ticket to instant popularity. This was the case with young freshmen, Nick Nelson aka “Nacho”, who became everyone’s favorite freshmen by grazing the MPR projectors with his wonderful dancing. The videos are always enjoyable, and are a fantastic part of homecoming.

3) Favorite Teacher/Coach Day- it was a very surprising success, and it was even better because the teachers were involved. While all of the students were walking the halls as teachers, the teachers surprised by dressing up as the students. Above is a picture of the teachers dressed as the students.

2) Musical Chairs- it never surprises me with how dangerous teenagers can make a pre-K game. This year there were several people who were sat on, pushed, and even Mrs. Torrez left with a bloody nose. With all injuries aside, the game was hilarious, and easily the most fun game that was played during Homecoming.

1) Homecoming Itself- over all I will remember all of the great dress up days and awesome games. It was such a blast and I hope that every person that walks the halls enjoyed it as much as I did. I hope that it is a tradition that sticks around forever, and if it ever leaves that it will immediately come back.

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