What’s the Best Phone to Buy this Holiday Season?

For the past few years, Apple has dominated the cell phone industry with their iPhone lineup. More recently, Samsung jumped into the war and quickly rose to the top, making most if not all other cellular companies virtually irrelevant. So it comes down to this: between Samsung and Apple, which phone should you buy this holiday season?

I have to address first that I may or may not be a biased source, as I myself own an iPhone, and my dad works for Samsung. Moving forward.

Let’s address the most common issue first: dropping your phone. Everyone has dropped their phone at some point or another. Unfortunately for Apple, they automatically lose in this category due to the ridiculous amount of shattered screens their users have dealt with. iPhones are notorious for becoming completely unusable after just one drop. Samsung does better here: in an even test with an iPhone 6, the Galaxy S6 survived 7 total drops before shattering, while the iPhone couldn’t withstand one. However, Apple has heard the cries of their users, and with the new iPhone 6s, implemented a new glass and thickened the phone overall to protect against shattering.

Note: I own an iPhone 6s, but since I just got it this Friday, I’m not quite willing to purposely drop it for the sake of this article. Sorry. Just something to keep in mind.

Now, for what most people would consider to be more important: Specs. This is something that has been tested on Apple’s new iPhone 6s. In standard benchmarks, Samsung decimated last year’s iPhone 6, almost doubling the amount of performance. When matched up against the 6s, however, both phones are essentially even in terms of performance.

Next, the user interface. This one used to be completely Apple dominated, but once again, these phones are pretty much the same, and it comes down to personal preference mostly.

Basically it all comes down to personal preference. If your family members have iPhones, you might just want to buy an iPhone. If you’ve had all of the Galaxy devices, you’ll probably want the newest one.

These are some of the things to take into account when buying a new phone this year, so good luck. It’s rough out there, you’ll need it.

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